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Welcome to Smotricz Sensational Software's home page!

Smotricz Sensational Software is essentially a one man software shop owned and operated by Carl Smotricz, with occasional help from friends. In official parlance, I am an independent consultant currently based in the Black Forest and in Frankfurt, Germany. You can see my motto to the left: I prefer simple, effective, often low-tech solutions. This could mean:

  • Why use Java when an animated GIF will look the same, and load faster?
  • Why store a single table in a relational database when a sorted file holds the same data with almost no overhead?
  • In the extreme case, why use a computer when you can do it faster and cheaper by hand?
As a one man show, I consult a small handful of customers, all of whom like this approach. However, I'm constantly on the lookout for new challenges, not to mention more money. So if you have a problem that needs an original, simple solution, email me at: and we can discuss it.

In the meantime, perhaps you might be interested in what I do, or in sharing some of my favorite Web sites?

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