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The following list shows my major projects over the past 20 years or so, giving you some indication of my flexibility and experience.
Time frame Project Language / environment Customer
2002 Design and implementation of the dateutil classes for Java, a very efficient set of classes for dealing with dates and times. Java Open Source
2001  Design and implementation of Buffy, a personal FTP server implementation for Windows. Delphi 4, Windows NT Open Source
2001  Design and implementation of WizTerm32, a Windows telnet client with special extensions for the online multiuser game "British Legends" Delphi 4, Windows NT Open Source
Implementing and operating Bot Planet, a multi-user, interactive version of Conway's Game of Life, using applets and servlets. Java, Visual Cafe, Apache, JServ Online gaming community
1999-00 Implementation of applets to graphically display value charts for stock securities and indices for a major bank's Web site Java, JBuilder ReSource GmbH, Karlsruhe
1999 Planned, organized and held a 1 week introductory Java seminar for a group of 6 LH Systems employees Java, Swing, Visual Age for Java LH Systems, Kelsterbach
Consulting for the port of Germany's leading mail order company management software from Clipper to Delphi Delphi D&G Software, Karlsbad
1999 Maintenance, extension and administration of a graphical multiplayer online computer game and its Web site Linux, C, HTML Mercenaries of Astonia
1998 Maintenance and extension, remote administration and remote backup of a text-based multiplayer online computer game; creation and maintenance of a Web site for the game, including a comprehensive coding guide Linux, C, HTML Dizzy MUD
1996-98 Consulting, design and implementation of a MS-Win program to control and monitor sewage pipe leak testing Delphi ITP GmbH, Rodgau
1996 Port parts of the Nantucket Tools library for Clipper to FoxPro Microsoft C D&G Software, Karlsbad
1995-96 Consulting on and implementation of computer management of various Multi Level Marketing games dBase, FoxPro, Clipper various
1994-95 Design and development of WizTerm, a a windowing DOS-based terminal emulator for convenient access to a multi-player online game C, no libraries CompuServe / British Legends player base
1992 Postleitzahl (ZIP code) lookup TSR/linkable object code for D&G Direktmarketing C, ASM86 D&G Direktmarketing, Ettlingen
1990 A mini-compiler for a 'little language' to analyze and auto-classify customer responses, to be integrated into a PC application for Nestle MS BASIC D&G Direktmarketing, Ettlingen
1989-91 Address validation and correction programs for D&G Direktmarketing C, Clipper D&G Direktmarketing, Ettlingen
1987-90 Embedded C system program for Tandberg and Datagraf text/graphics terminal emulating monitors C, ASM86 for 80186 Conrac Computer Systems, Rödermark / SIEMENS AG, Erlangen
Consulting, design and implementation of programs, routines and utilities for Lufthansa's Flight Data Load system UNISYS FORTRAN 77, 
UNISYS Macro Assembler
LH Systems, Kelsterbach
1986 Consulting and partial implementation of a billing program for dental laboratories Turbo Pascal LPE Software, Karlsbad
1985 Design and implementation of a computer game as an advertising giveaway on diskettes MS BASIC BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
1985-87 Consulting, design and implementation of programs and routines for Message Switching system UNISYS FORTRAN 77 Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt
1985 Fixed disk device driver for IBM PC ASM 86 H&S Software, Karlsruhe
1985-86 TSR/linkable object HELP system for a legacy PC application ASM 86 D&G Direktmarketing, Ettlingen
1983-84 BIOS video drivers for a CP/M port Z80 assembler dfe Computersysteme, Stutensee
1979-82 Inventory management and control system Commodore PET 32K, Commodore BASIC Timing Center, Lahr