Carl's Sayings on Programming

I participate in a number of forums, mailing lists and discussion areas. While I don't consider myself an authority on anything, I often like to explain some concepts or state my views on things in the realm of programming.

Much of this isn't very profound, but someone might find it useful. I felt it would be a waste not to keep this stuff around, so I archived a collection of my diatribes here on my site.

Currently, most of these pieces are from the Programmer's Paths forum in the Mercenaries of Astonia game site's Message Board. My character name there is Elrac, hence the frequent references to that name.

Carl Smotricz

I've hired Marc Weintraub, a good friend and a better Web designer than myself, to spruce up these pages. Thanks to his efforts, there is even a graphical site map of this collection of stuff to help you find your way around. Or you can simply browse the links below:
About C Pointers
One of many attempts to explain the mysteries of pointers in C.
Array Flipping
An example of handling a 2-dimensional array as 1-dimensional to avoid compiler limitations.
Bit Vectors
A unique method of minimizing storage space for high quantities of data.
Internet Speed Test
Measure the approximate throughput speed of your ISP connection.
Links to sites for HTML code verifiers, a C compiler, databases and the Merriam-Webster online dictionary
Information about programming, free compilers and more.
The "I Love You" virus created quite a panic. It need not have...
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